Office 365

Office 365 is a line of subscription services that gives businesses access to traditional office tools via a user-friendly online portal. We provide administration services and support for Microsoft Office 365 products. Our Office 365 experts are knowledgeable, friendly and able to guarantee high availability.

Purchasing Microsoft Office 365 through us gives you both the flexibility of SaaS and the support of a friendly, local service provider, maximising the benefits of the service. We help you with both planning and deployment. Our Office 365 management service can also cover daily operations, such as creating and editing user accounts, resetting passwords and managing your licences.   

Our Office 365 backup service ensures that any data that you upload to the Microsoft Office 365 environment are held securely in our data centre. We back up the e-mail correspondence of any users that you specify, usually at 24-hour intervals, and keep the data for 30 days. We are also about to launch a service that protects data stored in OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online.

Our secure e-mail service protects the information security of e-mails. We use the latest encryption technologies to ensure that both the sender and the recipient can be certain that the contents of their e-mails and attachments cannot be accessed by unauthorised parties. 

Our spam filter service scans incoming e-mails for viruses and stops unsolicited messages from getting through. Without unwanted e-mails clogging their inbox, users can focus on their work.
Webinar recording: Secure and encrypted Office 365. Click here to download the recording! (in finnish)


The following is a breakdown of the main differences between the most common Office 365 subscription plans. We offer the entire range of Microsoft Office 365 subscription plans – contact us for more information about the most suitable licence for your needs.
Office 365 Business Essentials is designed for small and medium-sized businesses that need professional e-mail and calendar applications and other business services, such as file storage, web conferencing and instant messaging. Business Essentials supports a maximum of 300 users per organisation.
Office 365 Business Premium includes all the features of Business Essentials, as well as desktop versions of Microsoft Office applications. Business Premium supports a maximum of 300 users per organisation.
Office 365 Enterprise is designed for organisations with special requirements, such as the need to combine a private Exchange server with Office 365 services. Enterprise is also the only option for organisations with more than 300 users. The features of the Enterprise E1 subscription plan are almost identical to those of Business Essentials, but it supports an unlimited number of users. Enterprise E3 includes all the features of Enterprise E1, but it also comes with desktop versions of Microsoft Office applications as well as a number of additional information security and data storage components.

FeatureO365 Business EssentialsO365 Business PremiumO365 Enterprise E1O365 Enterprise E3
Online Services    
E-mail and calendar (exchange)xxxx
Web conferencing and instant messaging (Skype for Business)xxxx
Teamwork (Teams)xxxx
File storage (OneDrive)xxxx
Planning (Planner)xxxx
Workflow management (Flow)xxxx
Intranet / team collaboration (SharePoint)xxxx
Social networking (Yammer)xxxx
Webinars (Skype Meeting Broadcast)  xx
Schedule management (StaffHub)  xx
Video sharing (Microsoft Stream)  xx
E-mail archiving   x
Document and e-mail access management   x
Data encryption   x
Online applications    
Microsoft Wordxxxx
Microsoft Excelxxxx
Microsoft PowerPointxxxx
Desktop applications    
Microsoft Outlook xxx
Microsoft Word xxx
Microsoft Excel xxx
Microsoft PowerPoint xxx
Microsoft OneNote xxx
Microsoft Access (PC only) xxx
Microsoft Publisher (PC only) xxx
Voice conferencing  oo
Multi-factor authentication oooo
Hybrid Exchange  oo
Maximum number of users300 UnlimitedUnlimited

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