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Our state-of-the-art data centers are located in Kilo, Espoo and Vallila, Helsinki in Finland. The technology in our data centers is based on the leading solutions on the market, and their energy efficiency and security are in a class of their own in Finland. Our data centers and technological solutions are designed to ensure the continuous development of our clients’ infrastructure.

We provide a wide range of information security services to fit your requirements. Our consultants help you to choose the solutions that your business needs. The right solutions are easy to find through an information security maturity assessment, which compares your risks and information security posture against your chosen information security services.

Our information security services provide you with an overview of the status of your organisation’s information security, enable you to identify and defend against any threats to your services and give you access to the best experts to deal with any information security breaches.
•    Vulnerability management
•    Malware protection
•    DDoS mitigation
•    IDS/IPS
•    Managed information security services


SOC – security operations centre for monitoring data and security breaches
A security operations centre (SOC) is a facility that provides situational awareness through the detection, containment and remediation of information security threats. The centralised approach ensures that any information security threats can be addressed immediately and that the underlying vulnerability can be eradicated before the situation escalates.
The most important SOC monitoring tool is a system called SIEM (security information and event management), which collects data on all aspects of an organisation’s cyber security. The system issues security alerts and therefore makes it possible to react quickly to any information security threats.

Vulnerability management
Our vulnerability management service keeps you informed of all the services in your network that are accessible to the public and allows you to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities in those services.
The service includes checking, from time to time, that no services that should not be in your network have appeared there. 
Our vulnerability management service also includes an analysis of any detected vulnerabilities and explaining the results to clients.

Malware protection
Malware protection defends your systems against malicious software.

DDoS mitigation
DDoS mitigation ensures the availability of your services in the event of a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack by resisting the impact of malicious traffic and ensuring that your business-critical services remain online.
Our intrusion detection system (IDS) and intrusion prevention system (IPS) give you real-time information about any potentially malicious activity in your network and enable you to react to attacks quickly.


We offer an easy solution for improving the information security of your servers. Our reliable information security solution is easy to install on all your servers. Our service also includes software management and monitoring, and you therefore do not need to worry about, for example, updating your information security software.
The threat scenarios and virus databases associated with antivirus software are updated automatically, and we make sure that all updates are installed successfully. We also take care of upgrading your antivirus software whenever a new version becomes available.


•    lightweight and efficient antivirus software
•    automatic updates to virus databases
•    administrator support on information security issues

Our identity and access management (IAM) services help you to manage your staff’s digital identities centrally and protect your critical data in a hassle-free way. IAM is a framework of security policies for ensuring that both users and customers are able to access the resources that they need securely and when they need them.


Databases and especially personal data files are important assets for businesses, and protecting them is part of organisations’ reputation management. A centralised up-to-date identity management system hosted in a single location eliminates the risk of human error. 


An efficient IAM system increases employees’ productivity by making the login process faster and easier and, in some cases, by eliminating the need to type in usernames and passwords altogether. IAM frees IT professionals for more important jobs when they no longer need to set up, delete and edit user accounts manually.


IDM Okta is an environment-independent user identity and access management system that provides secure single sign-on authentication. Okta can be deployed for thousands of pre-integrated cloud-based services, and it also lends itself to tailor-made solutions.

Azure AD is the natural choice for organisations that use Microsoft services. The system is designed for managing all Microsoft applications in one place.

VMware Workspace One is a secure identity management service designed to deal with modern information security risks. The Workspace One life-cycle management system helps to cut IT spending and integrates seamlessly with Okta and Azure AD.

Our hardware life-cycle management service covers your hardware from the moment you purchase it to its proper disposal. Our service also includes monitoring the life-cycle data of your hardware and managing it while it is in use by, for example, updating user profiles. Life-cycle management ensures that you always have access to up-to-date and fully operational hardware.


Methodical purchasing
– Needs-based hardware upgrades and straightforward budgeting

Carefree system management
– Real-time monitoring and sophisticated technical support

Secure decommissioning
– Access to secure, high-performance hardware at all times

Responsible disposal
– Systematic termination of contracts


Purchasing your hardware as a service (HaaS) saves time thanks to our needs assessment procedure. You can forget worrying about upgrading workstations, as our regular needs assessments ensure that you always have the correct hardware. Our service covers recycling your old equipment so that you do not need to worry about that either: we decommission all your hardware securely and recycle it responsibly.
Purchased hardware vs. HaaS

The easiest way to ensure that you always have the latest workstation technology at your disposal is to lease your hardware instead of purchasing it. Leasing contracts allow you to upgrade to new and more efficient hardware whenever new versions become available and, if employees leave, redundant workstations can be returned and the contract amended. Up to 95% of old hardware can be used again!
By opting for HaaS, you are leasing instead of buying hardware, which means that the associated costs can be flexibly scaled to your needs.

We ensure the uninterrupted continuity of your business and the security of your data centers infrastructure 24/7/365. Using cloud-based technologies is safe when your critical data are backed up in a data centers located in Finland.
Our data centers also enable co-location services. We welcome clients’ own hardware in our data centers and provide opportunities for flexible server-to-server storage replication.


Business-critical solutions require high availability and the best possible performance and information security. We can provide you with cloud-based capacity scaled to your needs as well as an excellent standard of service at a fixed monthly fee according to usage.
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For us, a good data center partnership is one in which the client always has a number that they can call. Our clients have a designated contact person who knows them, their business, their situation and their history.
Our consultants are familiar with the latest developments and trends in the industry, the best technologies and, for example, any changes in legislation. We give you new ideas for boosting your business and developing new services.

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