Ensuring continuity is at the core of our business. All data center services provided by Valtti are produced by using high-class technologies and relying on our experts and their extensive experience.

Our continuity services include data center backup, remote backup services, monitoring services and data security services

We offer our customers four different data center backup services, each providing different archiving features and backup and recovery speeds. Our options for data center backup services include:

  • deduplicating disk backup
  • deduplicating disk backup enhanced with long-term archiving
  • disaster backup
  • real-time data protection (Zero Data Loss/Continuous Data Protection)

With monitoring services, the services and equipment that are critical to a customer’s business operation are constantly monitored. We offer three different types of monitoring services:

  • basic monitoring
  • extended monitoring
  • customized monitoring

Our offering includes three backup services based on the customer’s requirements and the current location of the data to be backed up. Our options for remote backup services include:

  • Remote server backup, i.e. cloud backup
  • Remote backup by using replication
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Information security

The information security of servers can be improved by an easily installable information security solution. The servers covered by the information security service will be equipped with a locally installed antivirus program.

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