Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a public cloud computing service hosted in Microsoft data centres that can be used both as a platform for virtual servers (IaaS) and a development platform (PaaS).

When to choose Azure

There is no one correct answer to the question of where to store data, and the best solution depends on the circumstances and requirements of the client’s business. 

Microsoft Azure can be a good solution, for example, in the following circumstances:

•    When you are already using Microsoft products or Office 365. Deployment will be quick and easy, and Azure is likely to be the most practical public cloud option for you.
•    When you need global scalability and direct access to the most versatile tools on the market. Azure is likely to have everything that you need – such as various ready-made cloud service components for managing mobile devices, protecting documents, analysing large volumes of data and machine learning, for example.
•    When you need to be able to build modern applications quickly and easily in a scalable environment.Azure comes with excellent managed services and a range of PaaS environments, such as Azure App Service, which enable flexible development and minimise the number of administrative tasks. There is also no need to worry about technological limitations, as Azure supports several different programming languages.

5 reason to purchase purchase though a partner

1.    Easy deployment. We can help you with all aspects of public cloud computing from the drawing up of your cloud strategy to deployment, migration and continuous cost optimisation. It is worth planning the process properly, as migrating your data to a cloud-based environment without any tweaks usually increases rather than lowers overall costs.
2.    Access to latest know-how. Azure evolves quickly, and keeping abreast of its development requires continuous monitoring and the latest know-how, which our consultants can provide on your behalf. Comparing the costs associated with different cloud services can also be difficult, and our consultants can help you to find the solution that is just right for you.
3.    Support. Migrating to a public cloud also does not eliminate the need to continuously monitor the performance of the environment, and outsourcing system management – including monitoring, updates and backups – to a reliable partner is often the most efficient solution.
4.    Customer service in Finnish. With a local partner, you get access to knowledgeable consultancy in Finnish whenever you need it.
5.    Straightforward billing. You can pay us by credit card, or we can send you invoices. You can also switch from credit card payments to invoice-based billing if you are already using Azure.

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