Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a public cloud computing service hosted in Google data centres that can be used both as a platform for virtual servers (IaaS) and a development platform (PaaS).

When to choose Google Cloud

There is no one correct answer to the question of where to store data, and the best solution depends on the circumstances and requirements of the client’s business.

Google Cloud Platform can be a good solution, for example, in the following circumstances:

•    When the location of your data matters. Google is the only one of the leading global cloud-based service providers that has a data centre in Finland, which reduces lag time for Finnish users. However, not all of Google’s very latest services are yet available in Finland.
•    When you are interested in the opportunities presented by machine learning and artificial intelligence.Google Cloud gives businesses access to Google’s consumer-orientated technologies and innovations. (However, data generated by business services are never used to benefit the consumer market.)
•    When you want to speed up service development and reduce the go-to-market time of your new applications and services.
•    When information security is critical. Google’s cloud-based service is among the most secure in the world, and its clever design also makes it possible to minimize risks arising from users themselves.

5 reasons to purchase GCP through a Google Partner

1.    Easy deployment. We can help you with all aspects of public cloud computing from the drawing up of your cloud strategy to deployment, migration and continuous cost optimisation. It is worth planning the process properly, as migrating your data to a cloud-based environment without any tweaks usually increases rather than lowers overall costs.
2.    Access to latest know-how. Google Cloud Platform evolves extremely quickly, and keeping abreast of its development requires continuous monitoring and the latest know-how, which our consultants can provide on your behalf. Comparing the costs associated with different cloud services can also be difficult, and our consultants can help you to find the solution that is just right for you.
3.    Support. Migrating to a public cloud also does not eliminate the need to continuously monitor the performance of the environment, and outsourcing system management – including monitoring, updates and backups – to a reliable partner is often the most efficient solution.
4.    Customer service in Finnish. With a local partner, you get access to knowledgeable consultancy in Finnish whenever you need it.
5.    Straightforward billing. We are a Google partner, and you can pay us by credit card, or we can send you invoices. You can also switch from credit card payments to invoice-based billing if you are already using GCP.

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